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Elevate your space to the pinnacle of luxury with our Serenity Penta Sconce, a dazzling masterpiece that embodies opulence and sophistication. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite fixture features a captivating cluster of four Petite Water Drops encircling a single Classic Water Drop, all elegantly arranged around our artisan-made solid brass Royal Round lighting plate. Each hand-blown glass drop is a unique work of art, showcasing effervescent bubbles that dance with the light, casting enchanting reflections throughout your space. Available in a selection of our Signature Finishes, including 22K Rose and Yellow Gold Plating, the Penta Sconce transforms hallways and focal areas into showcases of unparalleled beauty. Embrace the intersection of functionality and artistry as you curate your lighting dream with our complementary Serenity lighting treasures. Illuminate your surroundings with a touch of glamour, knowing that each Penta Sconce is as unique as you are, ensuring a truly bespoke experience that epitomizes the essence of luxury living.

  • Responsibly source Solid Brass Royal Round 7” Plate individually sculpted on state-of-the-art artisan-operated CNC machinery and hand-finished to perfection
  • Choose from 15 Signature Finishes including 22K Rose and Yellow Gold Plating
  • Exclusive Petite (4) and Classic (1) Water Glass Drops hand blown by our highly recognized world-class Master Glass Blower
  • Artisan Assembly with Hand-Finishing
  • 120V – UL Listed for Interior Use
  • 12V Driver
  • Efficient energy and long-lasting 12V LED Bulbs, 12V Dimmable, 2.2W G4 Bi-Pin 2700K warm light evoke relaxing and restful emotions (6 Included)

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