Susan Dunn’s mantra states, Create Your Sanctuary, Indulge Your Senses®. She clearly recognizes the significance of being able to fashion your own oasis of peace and serenity at home and while travelling. Empower yourself to truly experience that warm contented feeling of a luxury resort and spa in the privacy of your very own home. Incredible water-inspired artisan-made designs provide an all-encompassing, comforting, and immersive experience throughout each day and evening. Exquisite accessories, wonderful linens and robes, the perfect travel items to organize and protect your treasures at home and on the road, and an amazing aromatherapy collection that whispers relaxation, are just a taste of the marvelous offerings of Susan’s Luxury Lifestyle Collections


Wonderful aromas, scents and essential oils that capture the pure essence of true relaxation and well-being are requisites for the consummate at-home spa experience. Susan Dunn searched tirelessly to create and perfect her quintessential and transcendental “SPA” aromatherapy fragrance destined to calm and rejuvenate. The complex and entirely natural ingredients are hand-blended, filled and packaged by artisan-experts. Exquisite, frosted glass adorned with cascading Rose Gold water drops provide the ultimate vessels for our healing and soothing aromatherapy essentials, Aura Mist, SPA Bath Oil, Diffuser Essence, Pure Hand Wash, Luxe Lotion and SPA Glow Candle. Revel in a customized SPA experience at your oasis whilst you Create Your Sanctuary & Indulge Your Senses®.


Our friends and loved ones deserve only the best, including relaxation essentials and beautiful ever-present objects to admire and gaze at each passing day and night. Look no further than Susan Dunn’s Luxury Gift Set Collection, which includes a marvelous selection of spectacular water-glass tumblers and vases, magnificent brass accessories each finished in one of Susan’s 16 Signature Finishes, alluring and soothing aromatherapy offerings, and more. Iconic collectible and sustainable packaging exceed expectations until treasures inside are unveiled to delight the recipient. Pamper yourself with a gift set too!


A luxury textile maestro for many years, Susan Dunn is proud to unveil her vetted collection of the finest responsibly sourced yarn-dyed pure ring-spun cottons, woven into remarkable water-inspired terry jacquards and highly original two-color waffle creations. Immerse yourself in Susan’s exquisitely hand tailored collection of robes and spa slippers to experience the ultimate in delicious comfort in the privacy of your very own sanctuary. Treat yourself, friends, and loved ones to the tranquility precipitated by the perfect at-home spa experience.


Bathing and showering are one of life’s greatest pleasures. Cleansing and rejuvenating, stepping on to a super lush bath rug followed with toweling off in style, make these cherished rituals complete and satisfying. We are extremely proud of our gorgeous towel and bath rug creations fashioned out of responsibly sourced 100% cotton yarn-dyed pure ring-spun cotton woven into water-inspired terry jacquards and hand tailored to perfection.


Susan Dunn, an archetypal travel in-style with comfort advocate, has created a highly curated collection of luxurious yet practical Travel Essentials to enable you to Create Your Sanctuary, organize, and protect your treasures wherever your travels may take you. Fashioned from eye-catching iconic monogram and foulard textile designs, Susan’s artisan-made Travel Accessories offer a vast amount of attentive organizational and travel-in-mind detail rarely seen and guaranteed to be prized and relished by you. These perfect travel or stay-at home carriers for fine jewelry, cosmetics, toiletries, and hair essentials, afford you the opportunity to relax and take comfort in knowing that your treasures are choreographed and protected in visual splendor.


Cultivate glorious statements throughout your sanctuary with exquisite water-inspired artisan-crafted hand-blown glass creations presented by Susan Dunn. This sensational glass collection was designed specifically to emulate the breathtaking allure and sparkle of water. Glass bubbles effervescently rise-up to the surface and an etched water symbol enchantingly transcends. Marvelous tumblers and remarkable vases work in perfect harmony with each other. Available in Classic Clear, Amber, Emerald, and Sapphire Water Glass, these works-of-art will stun you with their ethereal splendor. Mixed and matched, the delightfully colorful array will radiate pleasure to you and your guests. Excitingly, by virtue of their artisanal nature, no two pieces are exactly alike, ergo, they are uniquely yours.

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