Transform your bathrooms and kitchens into havens of reflection and relaxation with truly dazzling and custom luxury faucetry and coordinating accessories. Fashioned from solid eco brass to weather time and the elements, and sculpted to perfection with high precision machinery, embellishments of raised waterdrops and intricate laser engravings draw inspiration from water, ensuring that function meets beauty. Select from a grand array of remarkable handles, faucets, and accessories that make state-of-the art sculptural additions and statements to your sanctuary and ultimate well-being.


For most, the bath area is a refuge, a haven for rejuvenation and relaxation. Revel and enliven as you shower and luxuriously soak in the tub to refresh and revitalize. Susan Dunn captures the essence of relaxing and transforming in style with the perfect vanity, bath and shower sets intricately fashioned in solid eco brass, artisan assembled and finished in your choice of 16 Signature Patinas to ensure that you can swim in a paradise of your own design.


With Susan Dunn Luxury Collections, every room has the potential to become a work of art, and kitchens are no exception. Unlike any other collection available, our stunning brass curated faucetry essentials will transform your kitchen into a culinary masterpiece. Boasting of smooth raised and finely etched water drops, details matter and convey peace through water. Artisan finishes from our 16 signature patinas, enable you to appreciate the splendor of a curated cucina as you accessorize your cabinets with coordinating jewelry and fully wardrobe in style one of the most precious rooms in your sanctuary.

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