Bejeweled Royal Illuminated Magnifying Vanity Mirror


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Who says a Vanity Mirror is not Fine Jewelry for your visage? Behold the magnificent Bejeweled Royal Illuminated Magnifying Vanity Mirror that highlights your beauty in regal light. The sophisticated and statuesque mirror, plated in stunning Matte or Polished 22K Rose Gold, poses atop a stunningly detailed artisan-made Signature Royal Base embellished with thirteen hand-cut Rhodolite Garnet Cabochon Gemstones set by our master artisan-jewelers. This artistic masterpiece is polished and plated to perfection and proudly displays Optical quality 7X Mirror Glass adorned with a Signature Lighted Emblem that signifies authenticity and well-being. Complex like your complexion, our extraordinary color-changing feature assists in balancing and refining your make-up application to guarantee you look your best in any environment throughout the day and evening from a candlelit dinner to a snowy ski run. Unequivocally the finest vanity mirror on the planet, this legacy work of art is a functional showpiece to help you Create Your Sanctuary and Indulge Your Senses®.

Special Features:

  • Responsibly source Solid Brass Royal Base is individually sculpted on state-of-the-art artisan-operated CNC machinery and hand-finished to perfection
  • Royal Base adorned with 13 Hand-Cut Rhodolite Garnet Cabochon Gemstones
  • Solid Brass Construction joined and brazed with silver alloys to produce strong and attractive connections while preserving the inherent qualities of premium brass
  • Custom-designed and precisely engineered flexible joints enable viewing from a variety of angles and allow for ease of adjustment
  • Choose from 22K Matte and Polished Rose Gold
  • Optical quality 7X Glass Mirror with Signature Lighted Emblem
  • Halo Light – High Power Natural White LED lighting
  • Color-Changing feature with special dual controls allows continuous adjustment of light color and light output in a range of soft warm shades of an incandescent lamp to the bright cool white of the noon sky, 2800°K to 4800°K  
  • Color Temperature: 3500°K with adjustable range of 2800°K – 4800°K
  • Electrical: 9 Watts, 100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hertz, .15 Amps
  • LED Bulb: 9W/120V included(1)
  • 6’ Cord with Grounding Plug
  • UL Listed for Decorative Furnishings suitable for Household or Commercial use in Damp Locations
  • Dimensions: 10” Round Mirror Body, 16” Overall Height, 9” Wide, 5 7/8” Diameter weighted Signature Royal Base 
  • 5-year Limited Warranty  
  • A Pair of White Gloves included to assist in installation and protecting the finishes and glass from fingerprints and scratching 

Color Changing Operation:

  • To alter the hue of the light, simply press one of the buttons on the back of the mirror
  • The top button produces warmer light color and the bottom button produces the cooler light color
  • To change the light in small increments, tap either button
  • If you hold the either button down, it will change the light continuously as it cycles through the full extent of the range in the direction selected
  • When the light reaches the end of its range, press the alternative button to smoothly transition in the opposite direction
  • Do not press both buttons at the same time

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