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With the sleek design and unsurpassed cushioning, who says fashion and comfort are two different things? Do not leave home without your chic Travel Slipper Set encased in a wonderful Rainfall patterned zip tote that preserves and protects in storage or travel.  Artisan-made with lusciously thick foam covered in luxurious black 100% ring-spun cotton terry and with uppers fashioned in stunning black Waterfall material with cascading metallic copper waterdrops, you are ensured ultimate contentment wherever your travels take you or enjoy them in your own sanctuary. Our legacy One-Size-Fits-Most® design guarantees this set is also the perfect gift for family, friends, and associates.

  • One-Size-Fits-Most® (Fits Women’s Shoe Sizes 5-10)
  • Proprietary Non-Slip Water Resistant SOLE MATES®.
  • Bronze Rainfall nylon zip storage and travel tote.
  • Artisan-made Signature Aqua Leather Tags & Zipper Pulls.
  • Recommended Care: Machine Wash, Gentle Cycle – Not with your towels or sheets! Dry Flat.

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