Serenity Grand Waterglass Vase Gift Set


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Introducing the Serenity Grand Waterglass Vase Gift Set, a breathtaking masterpiece crafted by skilled artisans. This exquisite vase is designed to reflect light in the most mesmerizing way, resembling the fluidity and beauty of water. Etched with a Signature Susan Dunn Waterdrop, this glasswork epitomizes the pinnacle of glass artistry.

Not only is this grand vase a dazzling piece of functional art, but it also serves as a remarkable statement wherever it is placed. Whether you’re in search of a gift to treat yourself or to delight someone else, this collectible vase is truly a treasure worth cherishing. Discover the timeless elegance and artful craftsmanship of the Serenity Grand Waterglass Vase Gift Set today.

  • Includes a single master artisan-blown Serenity Grand Waterglass Vase with a Signature Waterdrop etching
  • The Grand Vase is available in Original Clear and stunning colors including Sapphire, Emerald, and Amber.
  • An impressive Susan Dunn Seal is hand-embossed on each vase base.
  • The Serenity Grand Vase is encased in Signature Aqua Foam, secured in our Signature Gift Box, and tied with Signature Ribbon.

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