I am delighted to present our newest client, Susan Dunn Luxury Collections, an exclusive water & wellness-inspired brand that offers Ultra Luxe offerings across home and lifestyle categories.  

Each exquisite creation from Faucetry to Lighting, Aromatherapy to Water Glass culminating with magnificent Fine Jewelry, is deeply influenced by Susan’s profound admiration for water and every design harmoniously weaves intricate details with the finest responsibly sourced materials and pure innovation. Susan Dunn Luxury Collections are perfect for the discerning few who wish to curate their at-home oasis and sanctuary while indulging their senses in olfactory, tactile, and visual splendor. 

And for the esteemed design trade professionals, the journey is even more rewarding. They are privy to specialized trade pricing, dedicated project management for larger projects, and a golden ticket to exclusive unveilings and events. View more trade program details here. 

Kindly let me know if you are interested in delving deeper into Susan Dunn Luxury Collection offerings. We would love to invite you to personally view the collection samples at our NYC offices, as their exquisite workmanship and Signature Finishes truly need to be seen firsthand to be fully appreciated. On the West Coast, we would also be delighted to arrange an exclusive and private champagne tour of Villa Solace to fully immerse yourself in the full glory of the Luxury Collection offerings.

Explore Susan Dunn Luxury Collections…  

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