Q: What is the source of inspiration behind Susan Dunn Luxury Collections?

A: “My inspiration flows from the tranquil and transformative power of water. It’s a symbol of purity, luxury, and timeless beauty. This elemental grace drives me to create collections that not only embody exclusivity and exquisite craftsmanship but also resonate deeply with the discerning souls who seek more than just luxury—they seek a piece of art that tells a story.”

Q: Who do you design your collections for?

A: “I design for those who see beyond the ordinary; for the individuals who view their living spaces as sanctuaries and crave for their environments to reflect their unique sense of beauty and luxury. My creations are for anyone who desires to infuse their daily lives with a sense of inspiration and well-being.”

Q: What sets Susan Dunn Luxury Collections apart from others?

A: “What truly sets us apart is our dedication to craftsmanship, our relentless pursuit of innovation, and our commitment to sustainable luxury. Each piece is a labor of love, envisioned and crafted to perfection. I personally oversee the design process to ensure that every item reflects our brand’s ethos and meets our exacting standards.”

Q: Can you share more about the Luxury Home Collections?

A: “Certainly. This collection is very close to my heart, as it represents “Where Art Meets Utility®” in the most beautiful way. It includes everything from hand-finished faucetry and hardware to intricately designed lighting and mirrors, all intended to inspire you from the moment you start your day. I believe that luxury should not only be seen but also felt, creating an ambiance that elevates your everyday life.”

Q: What inspired the Luxury Lifestyle Collections?

A: “The Lifestyle Collections are inspired by my own journey to find balance and serenity in everyday life. I wanted to create items that not only add a touch of luxury to daily routines but also enhance well-being. From the plushness of our robes and towels to the soothing scents of our SPA Aromatherapy Collection, each piece is designed to transform ordinary moments into spa-like experiences.”

Q: How do you ensure the exceptional quality of your collections?

A: “Quality is paramount. I work closely with artisans who share my passion for luxury and attention to detail. We use only the finest materials and employ traditional techniques, combined with modern innovation, to ensure that each piece not only meets but exceeds our high standards. It’s a testament to our dedication to crafting items that will be cherished for generations.”

Q: What is your personal favorite piece from your collections, and why?

A: “Choosing a favorite piece feels like choosing a favorite star in the sky—each one holds its own allure and story. However, if I must, I’d say our artisan-blown Water Glass tumblers hold a special place in my heart. They perfectly capture the essence of our brand’s inspiration—the beauty and sparkling fluidity of water. Each tumbler is not just a vessel for drinking but a piece of art, reflecting the unique journey and craftsmanship behind our collections. They remind me daily of why I started this journey: to bring beauty and a moment of reflection into everyday life.”

Q: How do you envision the future of Susan Dunn Luxury Collections?

A: “I envision a future where Susan Dunn Luxury Collections continues to inspire and transform the way people experience luxury in their everyday lives. My dream is to expand our reach into hospitality with branded Hotel, Resorts and Residences, offering more individuals the opportunity to infuse their lives with the unique tranquility and beauty that our collections bring. I am constantly inspired by the world around us and look forward to evolving our collections with innovative designs that respect our planet and enrich our communities. Above all, I see us continuing to craft pieces that aren’t just luxurious but meaningful with soul that carry stories, inspire well-being, and create sanctuaries of beauty and peace.”

These questions aim to give a more personal glimpse into Susan Dunn’s connection with her work and her aspirations for her brand, enhancing the narrative of dedication, passion, and vision behind Susan Dunn Luxury Collections.

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