For over three decades, Susan has woven her artistic essence into the very fabric of luxury, crafting water-inspired marvels that epitomize the pinnacle of opulence. A Stanford alumna with a keen entrepreneurial spirit, Susan has carved a distinguished path in the world of luxury and wellness. Her ventures in designer women’s fashion, intimates, and accessories have set the stage for her recognition in the luxury and spa industry, celebrated for her harmonious collections that blend artisan craftsmanship with unparalleled quality and sophistication.

At the dawn of her career, Susan unveiled the Non-Slip SOLE MATES®, setting a new standard for luxury footwear. These slippers, beloved by thousands for their unmatched comfort and durability, marked the beginning of the Spa Wear revolution—a concept born from Susan’s vision of intertwining luxury with comfort. This innovation paved the way for Susan’s ultimate creation: Susan Dunn® Luxury Collections, a testament to her lifelong dedication and her magnum opus in the realm of water and wellness.

Within the Susan Dunn® Luxury Collections, each piece resonates with a unique spirit, yet collectively, they form a symphony of elegance and artistry. Meticulously curated, these collections feature the finest materials—from precious metals and gemstones to hand-blown glass and bespoke fabrics, all enriched by her quintessential signature essential oil blend. Every piece is a standalone masterpiece, yet together, they create an immersive experience of balance, tranquility, and well-being. Susan’s stylistic expressions, including Bejeweled, Eternity, Purity and Serenity, and Unity, invite a myriad of emotional connections, embodying her visionary artistry and commitment to crafting legacies.

Susan Dunn Story
Solace Villa Waterfall

Susan’s journey transcends the creation of luxurious items; it is a holistic pursuit of beauty and balance. Villa Solace, her sanctuary, embodies her philosophy where life mirrors art. It is here, amidst the serene embrace of water, that Susan’s creativity flourishes. Her daily rituals in the pool and spa-styled bathroom are not just routines but acts of devotion, nurturing her vision and well-being. Villa Solace is the heart where Susan’s dreams take shape, reflecting her belief in the transformative power of water and balance.

At the core of the Susan Dunn Luxury Collections lies the ethos of SOLACE PER AQUA® or “peace through water”—a principle that guides every facet of her creations. This mantra is more than a trademark; it is a reflection of Susan’s holistic vision, where every detail and finish is designed to enhance the symbiotic beauty of her collections. The result is a realm of unmatched luxury, where each piece is a testament to the art of living well, distinct in its elegance and purpose.

Vila Solace
Solace Villa Pool

Susan’s aspiration is a world where balance, harmony, and wellness are accessible to all. Her collections are an invitation to find solace in water, to embrace tranquility, and to indulge in the luxury of self-care. With her newest trademark, “CREATE YOUR SANCTUARY. INDULGE YOUR SENSES.®,” Susan encourages a journey of self-discovery and indulgence, embodying her philosophy that true luxury is not just about what we own, but how we live. Through her artistry and innovation, Susan seeks to inspire a life of peace, pleasure, and profound well-being, anchored in the timeless elegance of water.

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