Susan Dunn Luxury Collections

Create Your Sanctuary ~ Indulge Your Senses®

Drawing from her infinite love of water, Susan Dunn Luxury Collections are ultra-exclusive and exquisite artisanal designs unmatched in detail, quality, and innovation. Meticulously crafted for the discerning few who curate their sanctuaries and choose remarkable over ordinary, discover your oasis, and indulge your senses in olfactory, tactile, and visual splendor. Elevate Your Lifestyle and Enhance Your Well-Being with Susan Dunn Luxury Collections.READ MORE


Transform your bathroom or kitchen into a haven of reflection and relaxation with truly dazzling and custom luxury faucetry. These pieces use solid brass to weather the elements, refined with high precision machinery. Embellishments from intricate laser engravings on escutcheons and rosettes draw inspiration from water, ensuring that function meets beauty. Select from a grand array of handles, faucets, and accessories that are a state-of-the art addition to your sanctuary.


Susan Dunn, a pioneer of Spa luxury, understands the significance of creating your own sanctuary of peace and relaxation. With the Susan Dunn Solace per Aqua Luxury Collection you feel as if you are relaxing at a resort in your own home, per the Susan Dunn mantra “Indulge your senses and create your sanctuary”. Hand tailored signature yarn-dyed terrycloth designs, ring-spun robes, slippers, and towels create an immersive comfort experience. Raised velour jacquard water drops embellish the ring-spun cloth, paying tribute to feelings of tranquility brought on by water, which resonates with the spa experience. However, the spa experience would not be complete without scents that invoke peace and harmony… Enter Susan Dunn Aromatherapy. Soak up elegance with bath oils, mists, diffusers, and lotions that are your ticket to paradise, in gorgeous glass bottles. Engage in a customized relaxation ritual that will bring you Solace per Aqua, or Peace through Water.


Always intricate and ornate, Susan Dunn Fine Jewelry empowers you to carry the spirit of water wherever your travels may take you. Our distinctly dazzling water-inspired designs, HIGH PAVE, HIGH PURE, RAIN, and SIGNATURE, offer you the opportunity to build your own wardrobe of everlasting showpieces to adorn your days and nights in splendor and well-being. READ MORE

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