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Embark on a journey to the pinnacle of luxury with Susan Dunn, where every creation is a testament to the boundless allure of water and the pursuit of unparalleled craftsmanship. Susan Dunn Luxury Collections embody the zenith of artisanal excellence, offering a sanctuary of beauty for those who navigate beyond the ordinary for the extraordinary. With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail, these collections are crafted for the connoisseurs of luxury who seek to immerse themselves in a world of olfactory, tactile, and visual magnificence. Discover an oasis of splendor that elevates your lifestyle and nurtures your well-being, turning every moment into an indulgent experience of luxury.READ MORE


Dive into the epitome of luxury with Susan Dunn’s bespoke collection, meticulously designed to transform your bathrooms and kitchens into bastions of serenity and sophistication. Crafted from the finest solid brass to endure the rigors of time, each piece is a testament to the marriage of high-tech precision and artisanal skill. Our bespoke faucetry and hardware not only embody the fluid elegance of water through embossing and intricate laser engravings but also ensure that every interaction is a celebration of beauty and functionality. Indulge in our grand array of handles, faucets, and accessories, each curated to offer state-of-the-art refinement to your personal sanctuary. With Susan Dunn, you’re not just choosing unparalleled luxury; you’re embracing an elevated lifestyle where every detail contributes to a narrative of exquisite taste and indulgent living. Experience the difference where craftsmanship meets virtuosity and transform your space into a testament to the art of luxury living.


At Susan Dunn, luxury is not just a product; it’s an experience that transforms your home into a haven of tranquility and elegance. As a vanguard in the realm of spa luxury, Susan Dunn has meticulously crafted the Luxury Lifestyle Collection to encapsulate the essence of serenity and indulgence. Each piece from our hand-tailored, yarn-dyed terrycloth designs of sumptuous robes, slippers, and towels, is a testament to our commitment to immersive comfort. Our Signature Collection is adorned with raised velour jacquard water drops, a homage to the serene and healing properties of water, echoing the profound tranquility of a spa retreat. But the journey into bliss doesn’t end here; it’s enhanced by Susan Dunn Aromatherapy, where exquisite scents in beautifully designed glass vessels beckon you to a world of peace and harmony. Indulge in our luxurious bath oils, aura mists, diffusers, hand washes, lotions, and candles, and let the Solace per Aqua philosophy—Peace through Water—guide you to a personalized sanctuary, where every sense is catered to, and every moment is an escape to paradise.

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