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Architects, Designers, and Collectors, behold the ultimate design palette on the planet. Our Royal Signature Presentation Case is extraordinary. The Solid Brass Signature Coins in each of our 16 artisan proprietary finishes are the finest examples of finish samples ever created. Exquisite individual pieces of our cabinet hardware collection tucked neatly in our Royal Signature Presentation Case have been adorned with a variety of our Signature finishes and demonstrate the outstanding detail and quality of Eternity, Purity, Serenity and Unity Collections. Miniatures of our Fine Faucetry and Hardware serve as building blocks throughout the design process. Perfect as an addition to your library, transport this marvelous companion on-site to enhance and solidify preferences with clients and colleagues. Impressive and substantive, our remarkable artisan-made wood presentation case exudes a statement of ultimate luxury and quality as you Create Your Sanctuary and Indulge Your Senses® along the design journey.

  • Artisan-Made Embossed Signature Wood Presentation Case
  • Interior custom die-cut foam trays specially designed to keep coins and cabinet pieces in arranged order
  • Black Velvet Lined Display Tray
  • · 1.5” Solid Brass Signature Coins in each of our 16 artisan-made proprietary finishes available for Susan Dunn Luxury Collections Fine Faucetry, Hardware, Accessories and Lighting designs.
  • 18-piece collection of Susan Dunn Cabinet Hardware featuring the Eternity, Purity, Serenity, and Unity Collections in an assortment of our 16 luxury finishes
  • Six Page Trifold Finish Card in durable Soft-Touch Finish
  • Custom Signature exterior Aqua Foam clamshell surrounds the presentation Case to preserve and protect during storage and transport

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